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Monday was all about cleaning and Tuesday was all about rain. Rain.. and some crafting! I’ve been procrastinating on Emma’s Easter basket but I did manage to make one cute little thing for it!

She was a little martian for her first Easter so I’m so excited to have her running around to hunt for eggs and see what goodies the Easter Bunny left her!

I got the idea for the little paper plate bunny purse here.

Since Emma’s only a year old I used a mini “appetizer” plate instead of the full dinner plate and to make it a little more cute and festive I added some color and crafting string I had laying around. Next, to dye eggs!

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Ramona Zordini’s Photography: Changing Time 

Ramona Zordini is an Italian photographer/visual artist who explores personal themes of mental and physical changes portrayed through liquid elements.

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1-1/2” (38mm) Whiteskin Agate Plugs


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